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 [GAME] Bad Dad Jokes

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PostSubject: [GAME] Bad Dad Jokes   Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:18 am

Bad Dad Jokes

We have all heard them, sat there and dealt with them with either a "awh Dad", shrug, glare or hesitant laugh. Normally Dad jokes are out of the question and often banned from most reasonable forums... but here for this week we invite you to share you worst/best Dad Jokes!

Please only 5 Jokes per post! ( You can post again, once someone else has posted!)

If you for any unknown reason don't know any Dad Jokes please follow this link

Some to kick start us off....
  • 'Dad I'm hungry' ... 'Hi hungry I'm dad'.
  • Me: How Long's Dinner?
    Dad: ... about 9 inches..
  • 'Where are we Dad?' .... 'In the car'
  • It's so hot today. I reckon the temperature is so high, you couldn't climate.
  • I was up all night worrying, then it dawned on me.

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[GAME] Bad Dad Jokes

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