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 Large Art of the Month - Me, Myself and I

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PostSubject: Large Art of the Month - Me, Myself and I   Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:25 pm


Finally after much a do. artifex.justgoo is proud to present to you very first artifex.justgoo Large Art of the Month Competition! This competition will be run similar to SOTM and its predecessor on AGE (shaiya) forums to rules and structure but we are hoping to develop this as a competition for members to exercise their skills in a fun and friendly competition and have the chance to win some prizes too =)

Members are invited to submit pieces based on these month's theme "Me, Myself and I", submissions must meet our Large Art of the month rules and conditions (shown at the bottom of this post). Submissions will then be judged by our panel of judges who this month will be (alilmynx, cuppycake & Pharwynd). The Winner of this month's competition will not only have the pleasure of hosting next month's competition and choosing a theme but will recieve a LAOTM Winner Award and be immortalised in our LAOTM Winner Gallery.


Your aim is to create either using a drawing or a photo of yourself a piece of artwork which is a reflection of you or an aspect of your personality/life.

(This months theme was selected by the Modi Council, with monthly themes to follow to be chosen by the SOTM Winner.)

A Little about this months judges!

alilmynx: a ranging artist in her own right, both in digital and in painted works, alilimynx has kindly offered her assistance in the judging this month.
cuppycake: not only just a deliciously frosted small cake but a budding signature artist and collector.
Pharwynd: crazy old signature artist and forum moderator that no one has ever heard of....

Quote :

Large Art of the Month Rules

Submission Conditions

  • This competition is open to all artifex.justgoo members
  • Must be deemed by the Judges to fit the theme stated in the Competition Opening Post to qualify. Submissions that fail to meet the theme will be disqualified and not considered in judging
  • Must meet ALL extra conditions stated in the Competition Opening Post.
  • Premades and collaborations are NOT allowed.
  • Only 1 submission per person.
  • Changes/edits to submissions/posts can be made until the thread is closed at the competition's end.
  • Unless stated in the competition opening post NO TEXT will be allowed in any submission.
  • Must not exceed 800w by 800h
  • Discussion of work and Large Art of the month is to be contained with in the discussion thread

Basic Ethic Rules

  • Adult/nudity/mature contents are strictly prohibited. Please keep to the Forum Rules
  • Flaming/bashing/discrimination/promoting hate will not be tolerated. This is a friendly competition.
  • Failure to follow these rules will lead to your entry being disqualified and extended action depending on the situation.

Judging Rules

  • Your work will be judged at the conclusion of the competition by 3 Judges,
    who will work together to provide a balanced judgement and choose 1
    winning piece.
  • Judges will put asside personal bias to accurately and fairly judge pieces
  • Contestants will accept judges decision as final
  • Judges may not particpate in the competition
  • Until the competition reaches a stage when voting for winners will be an effective means of determining the winner, the Modi Council will select 3 judges a month to assist.

Host Code of Conduct

  • Must include all the above rules within the opening post of the competition.
  • May participate in the competition they are hosting.
  • Must include this official header or create a header which contains ALL the details of the official header.
  • Must monitor the Competition thread and the official discussion thread for any questions and queries and give early indications of non submission compliances.

Credit given to the team who designed AGE/SHAIYA Signature of the Month

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PostSubject: Re: Large Art of the Month - Me, Myself and I   Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:16 pm

tetris mathy wooo


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PostSubject: Re: Large Art of the Month - Me, Myself and I   Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:25 pm

Oke so here goes me upside-down, burned and with a bubble framed cheers

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PostSubject: Re: Large Art of the Month - Me, Myself and I   Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:24 pm

AND... the winner is.....


Thanks for those of you that participated... we hope to see more playing next time

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PostSubject: Re: Large Art of the Month - Me, Myself and I   

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Large Art of the Month - Me, Myself and I

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