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 The Interesting Bio of Spirit

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PostSubject: The Interesting Bio of Spirit   Wed Nov 30, 2011 3:18 pm

"Artist" Name: Spirit
Favorite Color:Blue
Games you play:Shaiya, Forsaken World, Eden Eternal,Lime Odyssey
Active Forums: and

- How did you become interested in making signatures?
Played a game in which they had an amazing signature maker, i wanted to do what they did

Why do you like to make Signatures?
Its so fun and you pretty much get to make your own rules for it

What programs(s) do you use?
Photoshop CS5 (though i started out with MSPaint...and one was actually pretty amazing...i wish i could find it to show you lol)

Why do you like it?
So many features!!!!!! main thing = LAYERS...going from MSPaint -> Photoshop was like heaven on a silver platter XD

How long have you been making signatures?
Maybe a year and a half by now

- What are five suggestions you would give to any signature artist?
~Be yourself
~Be creative
~Mistakes help you more than anything
~Text is DANGEROUS!!
~Watch your colors

How about five suggestions for a new artist?
~Be yourself
~Be Creative
~Mistakes Help you a lot
~critique helps you much more than "oh thats nice"
~The eyes of the maker are blind to their own work...ALWAYS get peoples opinions, u might have not have noticed something, or even be over analyzing it and its may actually be much better than you though

Do you offer tutorials or give lessons?
I could if need be, but I myself still have a lot to learn so... i wish you luck on becoming good from learning from me Razz

My StudioBleach (to the Bleach power Cool)

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The Interesting Bio of Spirit

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