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PostSubject: *ClawRipper's Studio Challenge*   *ClawRipper's Studio Challenge* Icon_minitime1Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:46 am

Claw's *ClawRipper's Studio Challenge* Challengeinvert

My new Signature*ClawRipper's Studio Challenge* 27zkavtand avatar~*ClawRipper's Studio Challenge* 2m9um9

I am not particularly a signature artist, I try a range of different electronic/traditional art.

- "Artist" Name: Dizzy-Moon, Claw-Ripper
- Name: Irena
- Favorite Color: All colors are good.
- Likes: Vails, Shonen Manga and BL novels.... get over it :p
- Games you play:
Devil May Cry Series, Final Fantasy Series, Assassin's Creed Series, Jade Cocoon Series and Shaiya~
- Active Forums:
Mainly Shaiya and sometimes DevArt
- How did you become interested in making art?
I spent most of my early childhood playing video games. I became fascinated with the fantasy worlds games offered and wished to create my own.
- Why do you like to make pictures? It is relaxing.
- What media/programs(s) do you use?
PhotoShop Elements 5 and CS 4 - 5 and others. India ink, Zig pens, Paintbrushes, Copic Markers, Acrylics and Oils.
- Why do you like it? I feel comfortable using them.
- How long have you been making pictures? Almost two years now.
- What are five suggestions you would give to any artist?

- Practice makes perfect
- Study the anatomy
- Don't be discouraged by criticism
- Try new approaches when rendering a your work.
- It is not wise completely engulf yourself into your passions, therefore try and strike a balance with reality and your imagination...

- How about five suggestions for a new artist? Same as above.

- Do you offer tutorials or give lessons?

I personally, cannot explain things to another person very well, but if I am asked something, I will try and help to the best of my ability.

*ClawRipper's Studio Challenge* 2exqxrn

Oh yeah.... I like Kamen Rider and Buck - Tick too.


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sorry these ones are old... I have many W.I.Ps which need to be finished OTL

5. Self-Explanatory^^

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PostSubject: Re: *ClawRipper's Studio Challenge*   *ClawRipper's Studio Challenge* Icon_minitime1Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:55 pm

Grats and very nice work... I'm jealous of your skills with pen... I'm too much of a perfectionist to draw w/ pen, I always need to erase.

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*ClawRipper's Studio Challenge*

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