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 [Challenge] Forum Background

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PostSubject: [Challenge] Forum Background   Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:51 am

Forum Background
Submitted by: The Mods

OUR BACKGROUND IS COLD AND BORING!! T.T help us out by making a smexy background that encompasses all that Artifex is about, can match the theme, be totally abstract!! what ever you choose =) Each background will be used with background either going on a rotators or switched every fortnight.
So have fun and help give this forums a bit of flair
- The Mods"

Aim: To Create a Smexy Forum Background that expresses what Artifex is about.


  • Must be 1280 by 1024 in dimension to hopefully reduce tiling effect
  • BackgroundMUST be your own work
  • No pre-made work
  • Backgrounds must adhere to Site Rules

When you have completed your Challenge piece, post it here with a Screen Shot of your Layers, and name your piece =D


Quote :
Name: "Only Angels and Demons can raise the Dead"

- Standard Example FTW!!,

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[Challenge] Forum Background

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